Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birth Order Effects?

Does birth order have an effect on the behavior of children when it comes to academics, behavioral problems, creativity, etc.?

To many people this question would seem irrelevant, though coming from a family with multiple children I can see the differences between each of us. This observation has led me to wonder how much birth order really does affect the behavior of children, both growing up and in their lives in general. This question also intrigues me greatly, since I haven’t heard much information about it and would like to learn more. Depending on the results I find, I may want to focus my paper on one area of affected behavior, if it goes into great detail; otherwise I believe that a general exploration of such affects would still provide great information to the uninformed, including myself. In addition to the types of behavior affected by birth order, I may want to explore the difference that gender makes too. For example, how being the second son or third daughter affects the child, if such information exists.

I’m not sure how much information I would be able to find on this subject, since it doesn’t seem thoroughly explored. However, I would just begin with anything I can get about the effects of birth order. I know there have to be at least some, as I’ve seen it happen in my family and others as well. I’m just very excited to see how this all fits together. Hopefully it will help explain some of the reasons my sisters are the way they are, as well as myself.

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